Thanksgiving…what 2 do?

Thanksgiving…what 2 do?

There is no way to perfectly simulate an in-person Thanksgiving in covid-surge virtual space. There just isn’t. We all long for a semblance of normalcy and may want to claim Thanksgiving as a marker. But, the risk is real. Covid is surging in the Greater Philadelphia region with an increasing number of new cases per day. Sadly, the best choice for our loved ones is to stay away this year so that we may all be around to celebrate next year – together. That said, there are some creative ideas out there to help you and your family members connect contact-free. 

  • Host Thanksgiving on Zoom, and everyone can see one another’s tables even if you’re not sitting in the same house! Connect more by distributing pre-packaged meals in advance so everyone is eating the same thing at the same time.  The standard dinner table side conversations can take place via zoom breakout rooms or the chat function. 
  • For relatives in close proximity but outside the immediate household, organize a drive-by Thanksgiving (similar to what has been done for graduations and birthdays). Schedule each household to drive to all other households at times throughout the day and issue greetings and gratitude from a safe social distance.  
  • Host a socially distanced potluck by assigning different dishes to each household and delivering to one another before the big meal. This way, everyone can share in the family’s specialties! 
  • To cultivate a sense of just being together, share a playlist and set up a live feed (or back to zoom) with all other microphones muted. 
  • Play an online board game. Scrabble, Clue, Scattergories and others have mobile apps so you can play together even if you’re not at the same table. 
  • Watch a movie together across households via various apps and/or watch a football game(s) together and share audio via a cell phone based conference call.  
  • Encourage each household to record a greeting for all family members and play the greetings your household receives from all others.
  • For the gamers…play a massive online video game with the whole family.
  • Engage family members virtually and spark meaningful sharing and catch-up by way of icebreaker cards (see photo above…) 

Enjoy one or several of these ideas and then share your experience with us! 

A New U.S.

A New U.S.

It may already seem like a long time ago, but just last week at this time Pennsvylania and Philadelphia in particiular were in focus and on point as votes were tallied in the national election. It bears repeating that there hasn’t been a more important election during most of our lifetimes. And the highest voter turnout on record reflected that fact. This community moved, and was not going to be sidelined. If ever there was a doubt that one’s vote counted – this election made it clear that your vote matters, your voice matters, and YOU matter. 

Your vote generated the first, but, as she said, “not the last,” African-American Indian Woman Vice President of the United States!!! (I know this is an academic audience, but I’m confident you appreciate the intentional grammar flaw 🙂 

VP elect Harris and President elect Biden have their work cut out for them. Leading and governing our divided population into a shared future with true liberty and justice for all, while rebuilding relationships with our international allies, revitalizing our economy and rededicating it to sustaining the planet, and ending a pandemic that has demanded significant changes to our daily lives is not a small task! 

With that in mind, consider your civic contribution. Thank you to those who worked to drive voter turnout and ensure all votes were counted this election cycle. As you’ve heard our newly elected leaders say, “Now the work begins.” With the abundance of gifts and skills and leadership present in members of the ACE network, we can make this United States a better place. What might you do? 

Meet Porsha Harris

Meet Porsha Harris

Congratulations to Porsha Harris, a current student at Harcum College in Delaware County who is the recipient of a $1,000 scholarship awarded by the Riddle HealthCare Foundation. Porsha began her higher education journey in Fall 2019 as a Human Services major and has earned a spot on both the President’s and Dean’s list for each semester that she has attended Harcum. A team leader and supervisor in the nutrition department at Riddle Hospital for fifteen years, Porsha manages staff and is responsible for ensuring all patients receive nutritionally appropriate meals per their specific health needs. With 227 beds at three meals per day – that’s a lot of vitamin tracking and carb counting! Her nutrition expertise may make her eligible for portfolio credit toward her degree. To further her personal and professional development, Porsha is participating in the Community Scholar Leadership program with I-LEAD. More information about the Leadership program can be found here