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Who Do I Call For…

I want to talk to someone about the program.

If you live in Philadelphia, call 877-428-8092.  If you live outside of Philadelphia, call 610-859-6023.  Reach out to the site coordinator nearest to you.


How do I know if my application is complete?  Do I need to send any additional information?

Contact your site coordinator to ask if your application is complete.


What is my financial aid award status?

Contact the financial aid counselor responsible for students with the first letter of your last name.  If your last name begins with:

I’m on bursar hold. What does that mean and who do I call to fix it?

Bursar hold means you have an unpaid balance on your bill and you cannot register for classes until payment arrangements are made. Call the financial aid counselor responsible for students with the first letter of your last name (see above).


The classes on my schedule don’t seem right.  I’m having trouble with my registration.

Contact the appropriate degree program director.

I need help with my classes.  Is tutoring available?

Yes.  Free tutoring is available through the Education Success Center at the main campus site in Bryn Mawr.  Small group or 1:1 tutoring sessions may also be available at your site location.  Call your site coordinator to discuss tutoring options and contact Owen Binczewski, Director of the Education Success Center to set up an appointment at 610-526-6103 or by email at [email protected].