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We celebrated the first cohort of Community Scholar Leadership Training graduates and welcomed the 2021-22 cohort in the same weekend! It was delightful to meet in person even though we had developed a solid sense of community via the zoom workshops last year. We missed those who were unable to join. Those who were present expressed gratitude for the space the workshops created in their lives for personal growth and support with like-minded people. Last fall, we journeyed together first to simply show up – on zoom, for ourselves and for one another, and began to strengthen our skills in self-awareness and stress management. We then progressed forward to personal vision building and learned a technique to maintain daily focus upon our respective visions. We anticipate maintaining our connection and commitment to growing as leaders through monthly teaching and sharing sessions. Congratulations to all!

Camilla Allen
Bryan Arroyo
Steve Austin
Tiffany I. Burgos-Rivera
Silvia Colon
Ambrion Farris
Ada Garcia
Gerome Gray
Shelia Green
Keesha Hampton
Lakeya Harris
Porsha Harris
Amanda Hicks
Sheila Lee
Jacquilynn McClurkin
Michelle Moore
Nichet Nunez-Foster
Comfort Nyanue
Judith Rivera
Madlyne Santiago
Lincoln Stevens
Natosha Williams
Eugene Williford

The Leadership Program combined with the degree have given me the key to open the next door. Because I had the leadership certificate behind me in addition to the business administration degree, I was offered a promotion at my job. It added value to my education that  didn’t come from a book or a lecture, but from life experiences and being part of a group of individuals who were willing to share that vision and drive and grow together. When I came across a challenge, I used the practices we learned such as deep breathing and intentionally taking care of yourself in order to do the next thing. I’ve incorporated the practices not only into my work experience, but my day to day life.”

— Madlyne Santiago, Associate Degree in Business Administration, 2020

Remarks from David Castro, President of I-LEAD and guide for the 2020-21 Community Scholar Leadership Training journey can be found here.

Limited space remains for the 2021-22 cohort! Please reach out to [email protected]  as soon as possible to express interest and schedule an introductory call.