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Want to get the kids (and yourself) offline to unwind this weekend?  How about a scavenger hunt? Or hunting for treasure via geocaching? You don’t have to travel far to reconnect with nature. Here are some easily accessible park and nature trail links for both the easy strollers and the adventurous spirits.

  • Create your own scavenger hunt for your family. Have players collect items or take pictures with a phone. Ideas: Natural Objects (unique leaf, smooth stone, a seed); Errands (grocery store seek and find); Neighborhood (landmarks, lawn decor, signs, get people to wave at a window); Alphabet (find the letters on a walk, count objects that start with a letter). Apps to help: Goosechase, Huntzz 
  • Geocaching. Look for “treasures” hidden by others in woods, forests, parks, and paths using mapping technology. Waze meets seek-n-find. Create a free account at Geocaching.Com to find cache locations nearby. 
  • Go roller skating in Center City. Yup. Rothman Orthopaedics Roller Rink at Dilworth Park. Guests will find a colorful overhead installation and music that delivers retro vibes outside. Advance reservations for hour-long skate sessions are required.

To the Parks!

  • Wissahickon Valley Park. Explore the Wissahickon’s seven miles of creek, 1800 acres of forested gorge, and 50-plus miles of trails. Here’s a guide for your experience: https://fow.org/visit-the-park/maps/  + a map app
  • John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum. 8601 Lindbergh Blvd. Have a stroll and observe the hundreds of species of plants, trees, birds, insects and mammals with whom we humans share the planet.  https://www.fws.gov/refuge/john_heinz/
  • Gray’s Ferry Crescent Trail Park https://www.schuylkillbanks.org/explore with entry at 1300 Schuylkill Avenue is an urban green space with river & skyline views, a hiking & biking path, a skate park & fishing areas. Access points available from Bartram’s Garden in southwest Philly to 34th and Wharton to the Art Museum area. Consider doing Bartram’s Mile (west bank of the Schuylkill River between Grays Ferry Avenue and 56th Street). See trail map for details: https://www.schuylkillbanks.org/trail-map  
  • The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education. Located in northwest Philadelphia and one of the first urban environmental centers in the country. Explore 340 acres of fields, forests, ponds and streams.https://www.schuylkillcenter.org/