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The other way to get your hands on some money for school. Yes, they require research. Yes, they require a written application. And also yes, they are the equivalent of grants and can reduce or eliminate student loan debt. Even scholarships of smaller amounts add up and can pay for books, or free up money set aside for tuition that can be applied to one of those other expenses that always comes up. Set a doable goal to apply for five to ten scholarships per month. And here’s a headstart – we have it from the source that the following scholarships are in need of applicants (hurry, some applications are due April 30th!): 

Zeta Omicron Delta Alpha Phi Alpha (African-American males graduating from a Philadelphia high school)  https://smr.to/p71755

Luther and Mary Ida Vandross Fund (any HBCU, nationally)  https://smr.to/p71748

Feinstein Fund (high academic)   https://smr.to/p71738

Richard Ash Fund https://smr.to/p71749

Colman Witte Fund (art, architecture and interior design)  https://smr.to/p71710

GSK Opportunity Scholarship https://smr.to/p71743

Delta Iota Chapter (for Cheyney female leaders) https://app.smarterselect.com/programs/71735-Philadelphia-Foundation 

Additional scholarships can be found at: philafound.org/findscholarships