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You don’t often get flowers while you are living, nor many awards for doing the right thing.

If you knew my story you would cry tears of joy. Making my own executive decision for my life, exactly two years ago I came back to my forgotten city of Chester, Pennsylvania from the state of Mississippi where I had begun a degree program in communications at Rust College, a four-year college. I came back to continue to serve the amazing City of Chester as well as achieve academically at another institution of higher learning. I am a Harcum Community Scholar. 

The goal was to come back to Chester and show every young person that if you believe in yourself and have hope, faith, and a great work ethic, you can not only make it out of your community, but you can also reach back.

A path less traveled is what I call it because I wanted to come home to inspire young men and young ladies to excel. Don’t listen to what anyone has to say. If you go to college or not, still live your wildest dreams and always remain consistent, humble, and develop your God-given talent to display unto the world.

During these two years, I rallied against gun violence, championed for the youth, fought against hunger with youth and adults, fought against racism, and worked within the political rim of things building relationships to make a more influential, and hopefully, lovable city.

Difference is I wanted to do it while I’m home.