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Participants in the Harcum Community Scholars Leadership Program recently completed a section where they explored their Visions and Values. The reason to do this is to discover what is most important to you, your personal values and what you want for your life. Visioning work explores various aspects of our lives — health, career, family, faith and community. Students in the Leadership Program said that this section was one of the most powerful in the entire program so we thought we’d share it with all of you. And remember, the Leadership program is totally free for Harcum Community Scholars. There will be a new cohort forming for September. If you want to participate, send an email to [email protected]. 

Write a description of what you want to create in your life within each focal area in your journal at least once a week. Don’t worry about whether your vision is practical, possible or feasible. This practice requires you to dream in an unconstrained way about what you truly desire for your life and for those with whom you are in relationships.

As you describe your visions, reflect upon your fundamental values: What do you care about in your life and why? Writing down your visions and values is a powerful practice that engages you in a dialogue with yourself about the future you want to create. This practice helps you to develop the belief that you can create, shape and improve your life, which is called a growth mindset.

Step by Step

  • Select three to five focal areas that have a strong meaning to you as you think about your future. Examples are health, family, career, faith and community.
  • Select a medium for your journal that you can always access. This could be a notebook that you keep with you, or an online space you can easily access.
  • Select a time of the week when you have peace and privacy and at least one hour to write in your journal.
  • Within each focal area, write down your thoughts about these questions: What do you want to create? Why and toward what end? How are you doing so far? What values underlie your creative visions for yourself? Be fearlessly honest with yourself. Try to explore your deepest and most passionate visions for your life.
  • Return each week to build upon your reflections about these questions.

The full suite of Leadership Practices can be found in David Castro’s new book Inward Sun, available for purchase from amazon here.