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Jamoca Harkins

Many adults seeking college education find that when the burden of finding and registering for programs is all on them, the dream falls into the background when you already have a career, and life is moving forward. For Jamoca Harkins, a mother and school bus driver, the availability of ACE in her neighborhood made all the difference. She heard about the program from a friend, and immediately saw an opportunity.

Jamoca decided to major in leadership to eventually start her own café business. After graduating from Harcum, she pursued a B.A. in Psychology from Cheyney University, and now wants to become a family therapist. This decision was rooted in Jamoca’s experiences as a child in a broken home, raised by her grandmother during her teen years. “My background has made me interested in understanding people and their choices… I knew that I had options. I could live like my parents or I could live like my grandmother.” She’s glad that her children are following her footsteps by also pursuing higher education, “Two are in college, one is a senior in high school, and one just got her Masters.” And now that she has fulfilled her dream of achieving college degrees, Jamoca wants to work with kids who were raised with domestic violence.

Reflecting on her success, Jamoca says that “The fact that Harcum, I-LEAD and ACE were brought to my community is important. I didn’t have to search it out. It fit around my family and work schedule and increased my pride in my community. She urges, “Take advantage of the opportunities that are right in front of you.” 

Jamoca credits her instructors for reinvigorating her love of learning and elevating her confidence. “I know now that I am capable of reaching any goal I set for myself. I am a success, and I have Harcum and I-LEAD to thank for their role in it.”

After completing her associate degree from Harcum, Jamoca kept moving forward and pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Cheyney University. graduating suma cum laude in May 2020. She is currently enrolled in the Master of Public Health program at Temple University.

Equipped with a Bachelor’s Degree,  Jamoca dove into her career field and now works with The Crime Victim’s Center of Chester County as a Victim Advocate and Restitution Manager.