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Anybody who is receiving a Harcum Community Scholarship is eligible to take the HCS Leadership workshops which happen twice a month on Zoom.

The workshops complement the academic work you’re doing — they help you to become the very best possible version of yourself and an agent of change in your own life and in your community. The material you get in the workshops (each one includes guided conversation and specific exercises) will help you create a vision for your life and figure out how to make that vision a reality — a series of goals. You’ll identify your strengths and how to build on them. You will learn tools that can help you change outdated habits that hold you back from achieving your goals and how to overcome old ways of thinking that tell you what you can’t do. You’ll learn specific practices that will keep you motivated, focused and help you develop a sense of purpose. 

If you want to know when the next series of workshops will start, send an email to [email protected].