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Have you figured out yet what you want to do after you graduate, especially those of you graduating in Spring 2021? You already have so much on your plate that you might think you can’t handle one more thing.

You have help! The Career Office at Harcum has all kinds of resources, whether you want to continue your education or land a new job and it’s all free for Harcum students. 

Do you want to talk with someone about your options, or help you figure out your next steps? Set up a phone call or Zoom call with a Harcum career advisor. It’s easy to do — just click here to talk with Claire (Meet with Claire Williams>>) or Trevor (Meet with Trevor Gulledge>>).

Once you’ve written your resume and/or cover letters, send them off to the Career Office and someone will review them and give you suggestions. Again, it’s really easy — click on this link Bear Tracks. Once you submit them, it takes two or three days to get them back. 

Harcum also has an online job board where you can look at jobs posted by local and regional employers. Take a look here at the Job Board.

Instead of focusing on getting a new job, maybe you’ve decided to transfer to a four year college to get your bachelor’s degree. Harcum has several webinars scheduled in February and early March to describe the process of transferring, completing an application for admission and applying for financial aid. You can sign up here https://www.harcum.edu/s/1044/bp20/interior.aspx?sid=1044&gid=1&pgid=2918. Scroll down to the “Upcoming Events” section. 

FInally, always remember that your site coordinator is here to help in any way!