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Sometimes you may feel like just another college student whose dreams and concerns matter only to you. Krystal Jackson was doubtful that any college program would treat her as an individual and take the time to understand who she was and what she wanted in life. Until she encountered the ACE program. The recruiter at Congresso, Carlos, was persistent and encouraging.  He took the time to listen closely to Krystal’s concerns about time commitments and childcare. This attention and care made Krystal feel confident with her decision to return to school.

Krystal was interested in pursuing a career as a medical social worker, and wanted to earn the necessary academic credentials, but she found that attending collegehelped her to improve in more ways. “ACE has helped me interact with other people with more confidence, and I have become more professional. My communication skills have improved. I understand my family and friends more, and my relationships with them have gotten better.”

Krystal is currently applying for medical coordinator jobs, and has her sights set on earning a bachelor’s degree. She won’t stop there, though, and plans to write a book and become a motivational speaker. 

Her words of advice? “If you are driven to go far, the ACE program is definitely where you want to start.”

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