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You’re in the final stretch of the fall semester! Congrats for making it through and imagine how good it will feel when you have taken the last exam, submitted the final paper.

And if you need a little help getting to the finish line, there are tutoring and essay writing services available on the Harcum website. You can quickly sign up for an online 30 minute tutoring and academic coaching session by clicking on a preferred time slot here or request a different time if none listed fit with your schedule. You can also take advantage of the essay feedback service by following directions here. You’ll have to complete a draft of the assignment at least 3-5 days before the due date as it can take up to three days to receive feedback, but your effort will be rewarded by improvements in your writing skills and, most likely, a higher grade. 😉 

We know that group assignments can be headaches to accomplish online and you may prefer to work alone, but try to use the time together to support one another in your studies. Working in groups gives you the chance to bounce ideas off of each other for a particular assignment and for general study tips. For example, ask group members what study-at-home strategies they have found effective or consider being study buddies by taking turns reviewing and summarizing course concepts out loud. 

Ask your questions. Get clarity on the assignments. Reach out for support from your classmates and site coordinator. When in doubt, reach out!