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The Harcum Community Scholarship is provided to every student enrolled in the ACE program. The scholarship is nearly $10,000 and is a significant contribution towards your tuition.

But the Harcum Community Scholarship is about more than money. It is about us working with you to earn not only your college degree but to become the best version of yourself in the process.

As a Harcum Community Scholar, you are invited to participate in a renowned leadership training program at no cost to you. It is offered by I-LEAD, one of the ACE partners, which has been training grassroots community leaders for more than 20 years.

As a Harcum Community Scholar, you are a role model showing what success looks like to your friends and family, in your neighborhood and in your community.


In the Harcum Community Scholar’s Leadership Program, you will learn the skills to work collaboratively, think strategically and creatively, and network effectively. You’ll learn negotiation skills that will come in handy at work and at home. Your increased confidence will lead you to use your personal power and skills to positively influence the community where you work and live. 

This leadership development program is divided into eleven formal course areas: Effective Dialogue, Negotiation, Creative Leadership, Speaking as a Leader, Political Leadership, Group Dynamics, Ethical Leadership, and Understanding Technology.


Business Management

Open up a world of career opportunities

The Business Management program provides a strong foundation of the basic principles of general business, and prepares students to develop the skills needed for entry-level management positions or to transfer to a four-year institution. The major includes computer systems, marketing, management, accounting, business law, finance, and economics. Students who choose Business Management will learn specific technical skills and will experience the “real world” of business through internships that prepares you for successful professional careers.

Human Services

Dedicate yourself to providing services to those in need

Students who study Human Services are dedicated to providing services to individuals and families in need of assistance to enhance their quality of life.  Generalists in Human Services receive core educational courses in the liberal arts, social sciences (sociology and psychology) and humanities. Students also learn a wide range of interventions and skills that can be adapted to specific populations in different service settings such as residential treatment facilities, correctional facilities, group homes, youth services agencies, mental health facilities, and substance abuse treatment programs.

Early Childhood Education

Professional and well-trained teachers are in demand

Based on the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards, The Early Childhood program strives to prepare students to become high quality professionals who will make a difference in their communities by displaying and understanding the importance of professionalism, lifelong learning, building community, developmentally appropriate practice, and culturally responsive awareness.

Criminal Justice

Be an agent for positive change

The Criminal Justice program is for learners who are passionate about protecting and serving their community. It offers students a theoretical and practical framework for understanding and participating in law enforcement and related fields.  Students will gain a better understanding of criminology and law enforcement and obtain a thorough overview of the American justice system, criminal law, social science and more. This program will help prepare you for a career as a police officer, probation parole, security officer or corrections officer.

Frequently Asked Questions

ACE graduate

Does the program accept transfer credit from other colleges?

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Yes, as long as it is from an accredited institution, you received a “C” or better and it is equal in value to one of the courses in the program of your selected major. The amount of transfer credit applied is determined by Harcum College staff who review your transcript from a previously attended institution.

Does the program accept military credit?

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Yes. A copy of your military record would be reviewed to identify possible transfer credits.

Can you help me transfer to a Bachelor’s degree program when I graduate? Will my credits be transferable?

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Yes. Current articulation agreements between Harcum College and four year colleges can be found here. These colleges and universities have agreed to transfer credits earned at Harcum College to the relevant Bachelor’s degree program.

I need help with my classes. Is tutoring available?

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Yes.  Free tutoring is available through the Education Success Center at the main campus site in Bryn Mawr. Small group or 1:1 tutoring sessions may also be available at your site location. Call your site coordinator to discuss tutoring options and contact Owen Binczewski, Director of the Education Success Center to set up an appointment at 610-526-6103 or by email at [email protected].

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